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What is it?

Let’s Be Brief (LBB) is a learning platform for curious and creative minds.

A beta space for beta people in a beta time.

The Future is Clever.


What we’re into

Culture. Enterprise. Learning.


What we do

We cheerlead for clever, creative people.

We help people do great things by teaching them new things with our courses and coaching.

We design stuff: from education programmes to fly tees.

Oh and we talk about the things we’re into: business, design, culture & leadership. Book Steph or Ansel for a talk right here.


Work with us

Get in touch and find out more about how we can work it out together.



Now for some serious sh*t.

The 21st century is a complex place. We live in a time where despite an unbridled access to information, attention spans are shorter than ever.

The potential for ‘opportunity’ is greater, yet the divide between the ‘haves and have nots’ continues to widen; making the need for insight, knowledge and critical thought all the more poignant.

In order for meaningful transformation to occur and for society to create, produce and do great things, we need to equip modern thinkers, doers and leaders with a new toolkit.

We believe education doesn’t only work in silos of four walls or glaring screens; it thrives in places where you might not look for it.

Let’s Be Brief (LBB) is creative learning & practise 21st Century style. We do not fit neatly into prescriptive boxes. Instead we run with the beta. We choose transformation, over categorisation, because that’s where shit happens.

Stephanie McLaren-Neckles / Ansel Neckles – LBB founders, 2013




Socials: @letsbebriefcrew

Post: Let’s Be Brief, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE