2014 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest

Mirror Wave. The Wave at the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument (Arizona:Utah), after a heavy thunderstorm with a small pond granting a perfect mirror for the reflection of the hiker. A calm and solemn place at a perfect day—Nicholas Roemmelt

Master and Commander. The Queen Mary 2 is the largest ocean liner in the world and her captain, Kevin Oprey, got a fresh view of her size and majesty when he stood on the shipâ's bulbous bow—James Morgan

U Bien Bridge Crossing. Locals, monks, kids, tourists, all walking on U Bien bridge made out of teakwood, in Amarapura, South of Mandalay, Myanmar—April Badilles

One eye on you. A short-eared owl stretching and relaxing in a nature reserve in Kuwait—Mohd Khorshid

Living on the Tundra. A young Nenet boy in Siberia plays in -30 degrees—Simon Morris

LightSource. Young Monk finds a perfect light source to read his book inside of his pagoda - Old Bagan, Burma—Marcelo Castro

Macaque. Adulte macaque staring at me while I was photographing him in Paris, France—Bruce Thionville

Lightning after dark at the Grand Canyon. Capturing the Grand Canyon on this amazing night was a night I will never forget. I waited and waited long after dark telling my fiance and my student that we might get lucky—Scott Stulberg

Firewood. A Makua man leaves his village and enters the forest to gather firewood for his family. Chitimba, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique—Rafael Hernandez

Disappearing Domes at Sunset. Sunset spotlights the beauty of these disappearing dome houses that are slipping slowly into the ocean. Cape Romano, Marco Island, Naples, Florida—Michele Cole

A Land Before Time. Monument Valley, Sunrise. For four mornings in a row I was up well before dawn and drove from Mexican Hat, Utah (30 mi) to try and get the shot I was after—Jared Marshall

Angry Bird. A Common Grackle in Lawrence County, Illinois—Ryan Roush

The 26th annual National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest is under way. Entries will be accepted for another six weeks, until June 30, 2014.

The first prize winner receives an 8-day Alaskan expedition for two. Thinking of entering but wondering what you’re up against? Well National Geographic were kind enough to share some of the early entries — some of which are featured above.

Gathered from four categories (Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments), the phrase ‘stiff competition’ comes to mind.

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