This Is Your God



“Laws are like sausages – it’s best not to inquire too closely into how they are made.” — Otto von Bismarck (1815 – 1898)

For all the creativity and ‘out-the-box-thinking’, advertising is comparable to a sausage. Or law. Study the inner mechanics and you may not like what you find. You will though, be intrigued by just how it works. Which is perhaps why there aren’t too many folks plying their trade in the world of advertising that haven’t seen / paid homage to / being affected by the John Carpenter* directed They Live; a film so cult it borders on the occult, which kinda brings us back round to the world of advertising.

I for one am one of the many: a person who fell in love with the idea of ‘the big idea’ whilst to some degree ignoring the very concept of truly big ideas. Proof that even those that know better almost inevitably fall back on what we think we do best.

Graphic designer Piero Glina is also an example of someone to have been affected by the films dramatic, distinctly B-movie style dystopian narrative; a narrative that perfectly captured the unwilling discovery of what lies behind our visceral daily experience. Thanks to Piero and Belio Magazine, They Live lives again in dual publication form.

“This Is Your God” is a two volume publication published by everyedition and fold, Zürich. It includes an exact replica of a magazine prop as seen in the movie, containing the iconic typography with all its flaws and special characteristics. The second volume features the locations the words were found in the movie.

But this is not all: Belio have taken the time to do more than create a graphic tribute. They have created an exciting platform for conversation critique and analysis. For those with even a passing level of intrigue, don your shades and head here for more details.


*John Carpenter roll call: Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Escape from New York amongst many others

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