A Night Less Ordinary :: Arts Council

I think I may have to don a school uniform and start wearing my hair in ponytails again. Not a Britney homage, but to see if I can blag a few of ‘A Night Less Ordinary’ tickets.

For those luckily enough to be under 26 (I’m just over the age limit, mind) the Arts Council have promised FREE theatre event tickets.

All you have to do is check out  www.anightlessordinary.org.uk enter your location and all participating theatres in the area will pop up, book your tickets and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve been in the receipt of freeness!

So if you feel like getting your culture vulture on, you know what to do.

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  1. Sorry guys but the The Govt scheme anightlessordinary ended on 31st March as they ran out of money after the Govt cuts.

    Here’s a non-commercial website that provides the same services to help under26’s get free and cheap tickets (it doesn’t sell anything at all!) the page is: http://www.londontheatreticketscheap.com/students-under-26/

    I am not ageist (I can’t be as I am a long way over 26!) and also included info on how anyone can get cheap / free tickets. Hope you find it useful now that anightlessordinary has gone.


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