Advertising for people who don’t like advertising

After an interesting time at one of London’s big agencies, me and my partner at the time decided to quit. On my last day I was asked to do an exit interview. This is where your soon-to-be ex-employer try and discover what compelled you to leave in the first place. In that interview, I said the following:

“The thing about advertising, is that no-one outside of the world of advertising gives a shit about advertising, The good agencies know this and bust their balls trying to create work that is interesting enough for people to give a shit about. The thing about this place is that too many people think that the world outside actually does give a shit about advertising”

The HR lady was stunned. I promptly left. The point I’m making is that if you work in an industry like advertising long enough, trust me, the title to this book makes a lot of sense.

Lofty ideals gave way to the fact that advertising is mixture of inspiration, severe perspiration and political machinations rolled into something you can call a day [and night] job.

Despite many years spent in the heart of the advertising industry, KesselsKramer founder Erik Kessels has always had a love/hate relationship with the business. The talk showcased his more affirming love of people and creativity in general, and how good ‘advertising’ can come from not actually trying to make advertising at all.

Now KK has decided to write a book about these attitudes, with a little help from the people it admires: Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising, by a guy you’ll really like.

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