Africa Takeover :: I See A Different You

At first glance I See A Different You may look like the latest pop stars or even models from any style mag editorial. However the South Africa collective – comprising of twins Innocent and Justice Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha –  aim to represent South Africa from their perspective, creating lush photography documenting that experience.

Working with the ever popular Canon 5D and 7D – using 50mm f/1.4, 17 – 35mm f/2.8, 24 -105mm f/4.0 L lenses – creating a rich range of images depicting SA style, with a hint of the social and cultural change the country has been and indeed going through.

If they haven’t been picked up already as a collective, I predict that these guys will be creatively directing for international lux brands by way of Africa some time soon.

4 responses to “Africa Takeover :: I See A Different You”

  1. I love the hard work, commitment and dedication that you’re showing Africans. Keep up the good work brothers. Yes I see a difference in you guys…you are not just stars of today, but also the greatest generation of tomorrow. Go Big home boys, so proud of you… 100 percent behind you.

  2. Bless! These guys do great work and every time I see an image or feature I feel such pride. Like I know them. Keep doing what you do guys. Africa, South Africa and Jo’burg must be proud that you see them so differently.

    Love from Jo’burg,

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