Alex Titu :: Canadian Railways

Alex_Titu—Canadian National EF-640 Alex_Titu—CP-6020—GUE Alex_Titu—VIA-Rail-#6441—Thornhill Alex_Titu—CN-U711—Hilda-Ave Alex_Titu—CN-7248 Alex_Titu—CN-X301-CN-Humber Alex_Titu—CP-9824 Alex_Titu—CP-9586 Leaves on the line? Please. It’ll take more than an inconvenient truth to prevent the Canadian railroads from running. And it’ll take more than a minus 10°C wind chill to keep Transportation Photographer and self professed transit geek Alex Titu from the trackside. Like the canal was to Britain, 19th Century railroads were indeed the industrial arteries of north America. Canada’s first railway, the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad, opened in 1836 outside of Montreal — six years after America’s first steam locomotive made its debut. In 2011, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates became the largest shareholder in Canadian National Railway, with 46.07 million shares (equal to a 10% stake) at $70.16 a share — at the time worth $3.2 billion. In 2012, Gates increased his overall investment to to 12%. Canadian National Railway’s share value currently stands at $171.57 a share. When the world’s richest man makes an investment of such magnitude, it’s an imperative that business operations stay on track. Literally. All of which gives an inclination of just how unstoppable these mighty locomotives must be, and why – no matter the weather – you’re likely to find Alex trackside, with camera in hand.]]>

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