Andrew Walker

Former Manchester Met University 3D Design graduate Andrew Walker developed his drawing practice through designing innovative furniture. The design process saw Andrew develop a love for drawing and graphic illustration. Since then he has gone on to experiment with style and form.

My work is determined by a process whereby reconstructing the glossy popular image forms the base; this image is then taken through a method which I have developed combining traditional and digital drawing with cut and paste collage techniques. The final illustration is the result of the humble biro pen, exploring the inner psyche, geometry and the surreal, but is deeply rooted in realism.

One of Walker’s series, entitled Funny Money, is a stunning example of Walker’s ability to compose, as well as his eye for colour. The print collages use cash notes as a starting point to tell a story that challenge our perception of what money is – ultimately, just paper – and transforms a functional object into a decorative one.

As a covetable object, money becomes a piece of art whose desirability denotes a certain monetary value. Not only clever and witty, the quality of print shows the image in rich, bold colours that only add to its beauty.


Andrew Walker’s work is available for purchase at Jester Jacques online shop.

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