Anonymous Press

We’re all publishers these days. Be it a 140 character tweet or Facebook musings, people have become used to the idea of broadcast without necessarily seeing themselves as broadcasters. Digital broadcast is one thing, but despite the demise of print, print publishing remains to many a secret, unobtainable taboo.

Anonymous Press (Α–Π) is a self-sufficient publishing platform takes a small step to removing the taboo. Every publication is a byproduct of an individual and a database, i.e. Google Image Search. The ‘human author’ defines the topic, the content and the form is generated from the ‘database’ considers the relevant images found online.

Each publication is added to a public library that also provides a measure of a publications popularity. Every item in the library can be printed on-demand and is available to everyone for a small fee covering shipping and production costs.

The immediacy of Α–Π catches you by surprise. Even when the limitations of Google search are apparent, the sparse, seemingly considered nature of the layout add a real curatorial feel. I’ve not yet parted with $3.00 for my Hugo Chavez pamphlet or an anonymous user’s Bong Happiness, but I’m tempted. Very tempted.

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