Atlas of Interiors

definetti_1925_meridiana_4 definetti_1925_meridiana_3 breuer-1923-toilette_01 LC_1958_prefabbricata_103-640x360 lecorbu56_prouvè_casaindustr_063 LC_1958_prefabbricata_104 lecorbu56_prouvè_casaindustr_064 fehn87_busk_232 fehn87_busk_231 fehn87_busk_229 fehn87_busk_230 Atlas of Interiors is a site committed to celebrating the astonishingly high levels of consideration and craftsmanship at play in the development of the maquette: a French word for scale model, sometimes referred to by the Italian names plastico or modello. An equivalent term, “Bozzetto”, derives from the Italian word meaning “sketch”, but we’ll call them “Masterpieces In Miniature.” :: Examples featured: Giuseppe De Finetti, Casa della Meridiana, Milano, Italy, 1925 // Giuseppe De Finetti, Villa Crespi, Vigevano, Italy 1938-41 // Le Corbusier, Le Case Prefabbricate, Alluminio, Acciaio, 1956-58  // Sverre Fehn, Villa Busk, Bamble,1990]]>

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