BeatCamp_535 Electronic music may be the height of ‘cool’ but what’s less often discussed, is the level of skill and artistry required to produce the final outcome. Behind the exterior of any electronic musician lies an individual with a high propensity for nerdism and proficiency. Without these attributes it would be near impossible to create the ‘amazing’. With this knowledge in mind, musicians and DJ’s, Marc Langsman and Andrew Consoli are launching BeatCamp – a one day ‘urban retreat for music producers’. The event will create a learning and collaborative environment for the growing legions of electronic producers. We caught up with co-founder Marc Langsman to find out more. Q) What was the impetus behind launching the BeatCamp workshop and how will it work? For most of us, electronic music production can be a solitary activity. We can write, record and publish a whole album without ever leaving our house or speaking to another human being. This means that many producers don’t experience that spark which is ignited when musicians, producers, programmers and writers collaborate in a studio and vibe off each other. There is a big movement for hack days at the moment and we want to bring this ethic to the process of making electronic music. We think that by bringing an amazing production community together it will spark some awesome music and forge new working relationships. Through our ‘beat-dating’ process, producers are paired up in teams of two and introduced to each other ahead of the event. On the day everyone will work together in an open creative space providing a very different feel to the usual production environment. Each pair will lay down an entire track over the course of the day with a focus on rapidly getting down great creative ideas and making swift progress. At the end of the day everyone will relax with some beers during a group playback session. This will provide an opportunity to hear all the work and chat about the experience. Q) The event is described as an ‘Urban Retreat for Music Producers’ why do you think such activities are important for producers? Many of us lead very busy lives and fit production in around our day jobs. Carving out the time for face-to-face collaborations and avoiding the many distractions which get in the way of finishing music are increasingly challenging. Working together also gives us a fresh perspective, new ideas and a palette of skills we don’t have on our own. It’s also really good fun! An overwhelming amount of the greatest music and art in the world has emerged from collaboration. Even the most legendary solo artists don’t do it alone, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones are a great example. Q) What do you think are the key creative and business challenges for producers in the current industry? Creatively I think the biggest challenge is the same as it’s always been – writing great music! Standing out from the crowd is also becoming essential. There are more people than ever producing and there is a swathe of music on different platforms competing for our attention. The key business challenge for most producers is probably, “How do I achieve a sustainable music career”. We already have some attendees for our first event who earn money through writing soundtracks, mastering, record sales, DJ’ing, sample packs and audio technology. We think BeatCamp will be great for networking and we want to provide a unique platform to help promote the music and partnerships that come out of it. Q) Your day job is Head of Innovations at Universal Music, what does that entail? I’m responsible for the creative direction and product management of new digital music products and services and I work across all our labels with brands, agencies, startups, designers and developers to shape and define what things we create, what they look like and how they work. As a producer myself I’m keen to find new ways to help music thrive and to make the industry the best it can be for musicians, artists and fans. I recently organised Universal Music’s first company Hack Day where we developed ideas for a fan-led A&R app powered by SoundCloud, a platform to make music licensing easier and a service which delivers a personalised 12” of your most listened to online music. What’s on your current playlist? Arkon Fly – Through the Fire Joel Compass – Forgive Me (Live from Spotify London) Haim – If I Could Change your Mind Tensnake – Love Sublime Le Youth – Dance With Me Ed Thomas – On My Own Gorgon City – No More Hideaway – Kiesza CLAIRE – Games Q) What’s next for Beatcamp (any forth-coming events?) We’re very much taking one step at a time but we’ve already had some offers to take BeatCamp to the States. We are also having discussions about working with a renowned music studio and collaborating with some big names in the world of music production software so watch this space! :: BeatCamp // 17th May 2014 at Mother // Book tickets here.]]>

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