Belly Kids :: Postcards From The Ancient World

Rome by Stu Ross

Hermes by Llew Mejia

Sparta by Dominic Kesterton

Postcards From The Ancient World

Belly Kids jump in their illustrative time machine to send you Postcards From The Ancient World: a collection of 12 postcards exploring the wonderment of civilisations from – you guessed it – the ancient world.

In case you never got round to visiting either the Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Ottoman Empire, the postcard series is available for only £4.


Featured illustrators — Zhang Liang Ray // Melissa Chaib // Andrew Neyer // Llewellyn Mejia // Josh Holinaty // Emilie Gleason // Mat Roff // Tony Johnson // Dominic Kesterton // Stu Ross // Jess Tisse // Lily Padula

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