Belly Kids provide that Instant Touch w/ their new exhibition

Watermelon by Ellie Andrews Cherries by Lynnie Zulu Banana by Rose Blake Belly Kids Instant Touch Sometimes you need to smell a good read, which is why Belly Kids present their Instant Touch exhibition on July 24 at The Printhouse Gallery, Dalston. Find the latest range of scratch and sniff books, hand painted bum bags and vibrant accessories. Step into a Paradise of tropical fruits, abstract shapes and innumerable possibilities, courtesy of a leafy wonderland full of live art and 3D possibilities. If Indiana Jones had a penchant for books and illustration, this would be right up his street. There’s the chance to adventure into the midst of an unreal forest, sniff the faux fruit and find surprises in the deep. At the other end will be a bonanza of live Rooftop DJs, exclusive cocktails and tropicana food with the chance to take home your very own adventurer’s goodies. Instant Touch features work from Sophie Alda // Dazeray // Annu Kilpelainen // Hannah Weeden // Juliana Futter // Tristan Lathey // James Burgess // Thomas Slater // Lydia Shirreff // Laura Gee // Becca Allen // James Burgess // Rose Blake // Josh Wiley // Ellie Andrews // Gemma Pharo // Nadia Tahari // Ami Evelyn Hughes // Lynnie Zulu // Clay Hickson // Kim Sielbeck // Anneka Lange // Charlotte Mei // Eliot Wyatt // Lauren Doughty // Aaron Shunga. A colourful lineup for what promises to be a colourful night. No, there’s nothing wrong with a pun or two when events look as good as this. :: Belly Kids — Instant Touch exhibition // The Printhouse Gallery — Bootstrap Company // 18 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL London, United Kingdom]]>

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