Ben Sherman :: Conversations in Modernism

We’re moving towards a new model of advertising and marketing for the 21st century – where brands communications and interactions become more attuned to the individuals interest. A place where content is king and the transaction of selling and engagement is a seamless affair.

Last year Ben Sherman invested in a series of shorts exploring the relationship between contemporary artists and ‘Modernism’. When done well, this kind of content gives the consumer something and the brand some of our cash; which seems a fair enough deal.

In conversation are bespoke shoemaker Sebastian Tarek and music entrepreneur / Stones Throw European label manager Alex Robinson, street photographer Matt Stuart and Mercury Award nominated musician Ghostpoet, and cultural raconteur Jason Jules getting his chat on with artist Justin Hibbs.

Ben Sherman is a brand that gets it. The series gives a brief insight into processes and influences while providing a platform for the working practice of each respective artist, in turn creating the perfect marriage of culture and the Ben Sherman brand proposition.

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