Benoit Jammes :: Q&A

Once the cutting edge of technology, the humble cassette tape has inevitably become a relic – in production terms at least. As technology advances at an ever more aggressive pace, what has endured is the classic design of the cassette tape. Whether inspired by nostalgia quirkiness, you can find everything from cassette-cushions to music releases on exclusive cassette tape material.

French artist Benoit Jammes has taken the cassette tape in yet another direction – this time into the realms of fine art. We find out what would be on his ideal mixtape and what was behind the original idea.

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m a 33 years old graphic designer and I live in Paris, France.

Q) What inspired your cassette inspired artwork?
This series of work began when I found a vintage audio tapes stock at home. Unfortunately I had nothing to actually listen to the tapes on, so I decided to create art with them instead. Everything has the potential to inspire me because inspiration is everywhere : friends, comics or newspapers .

Q) How do you create your work?
I initially think about a ‘theme’ and then I cut or paint the cassette tape and I add some details to create an interesting scene.

Many of the pieces are interpretations of cultural objects and trends. What’s the significance of this? I really like any kind of art or culture, and this project give me the possibility to mix some of them. So we could see the series as a global cultural artwork 🙂

Q) What was your first cassette tape in your collection? And do you still have any?
I don’t have any audio cassette tapes today but my first one was probably Michael Jackson… or maybe Kris Kross I think. Haa, it was such a great era!

Q) If you were to put together a holiday mixtape what would be on it?
My holiday mixtape would be today recorded with Woodkid, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi or Alborosie…and Michael of course!

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