Berlin Young Guns :: Luis Claudio Joao Fernando Q&A

Up-and-coming Berlin born artist Luis Claudio Joao Fernando has an eye for collages and an ear for music, happily juggling his time between the two. The young gun also recently joined Berlin Label Nachbarschaftsbass and is a newcomer of the Bass Gang.

Q) As a Berlin based artist, would you say Berlin is intrinsic to your inspiration or could you live anywhere?
I think Berlin is part of my life and one of my biggest inspirations because so many cultures and many different people come together here and create a positive energy. In my opinion it does not matter where you live but I am glad that I am here.

Q) Tell me about your art, what is the message you want to convey?
If you are searching you will find. I want my art to encourage them thinking. Everybody has to find their own way into it.

Q) What inspires you?

Q) You are a DJ as well; where do you see the differences between expressing yourself in music and expressing yourself in paintings?
I see no difference, in the end it is the same; feelings, the moment, the hype, energy, just the connection to the world. It does not matter if you create paintings or you are a DJ, it is all communication.

Q) Do you want people to connect your music to your art, as you use different monikers for each discipline?
I do. I would like the connection to be clearer. At the moment I am still figuring out how best to approach it.

Q) Most of the artwork you create are collages, was that always your style or how did you come to it? Do you think it is easier to convey messages when you include writing in your art?
I am still on my way to finding a particular style to express myself. I was always interested in collages but I am still in the process of developing my style, and more precisely, finding the right tools to express myself, but I feel like I am on a good way. I always try to convey a message whether obviously or not.

Q) Which occurrences in your life have influenced your art? Was there a certain occasion that confirmed you to be an artist?
A big influence was when I saw my sister painting. That always impressed me. This fascination made me start painting. The biggest confirmation you can have is feeling good with what you do.

Q) Now you are getting more involved in the DJ scene, is there less time for your art? What do you think about your future in terms of your artistic career?
Most of the time I spend DJ’ing. It is difficult to do both things at once but I am trying to find a way to combine them. I cannot stop doing art or making music because both gives me the same energy.

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  1. Hey liked the interview and artist a lot!
    Would like to get to know more about his developments. So keep us up to date please !
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