Bug out on the stunning insect photography of Yudy Sauw

YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_2 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_1 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_3 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_4 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_5 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_7 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_6 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_8 YUDY_SAUW_MICROSCOPE_INSECTS_9 Bulging eyes and sharp pincers, the beautiful and the grotesque: wildlife photographer Yudy Sauw has photographed bugs at his home studio in Banten, Indonesia, from 2-10cm away, capturing close-ups of insects that reveal their colourful, alien-like faces. Marvel at a mantis with a spider on its head (last image above), or the startling vibrancy of a moth. This extensive series of extreme close-up photographs show bees, horseflies, dragonflies, jewel frog beetles and fruit-flies is testament to the fact that design is all around us – even when too minute for us to see.]]>

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