Carfumes: the after school club for creative types at Boxpark

Who’s up for some brandalising?

Come down to Jester Jacques Gallery Pop-Up shop at Boxpark and do some of your own re-branding with our very own ‘The Keen Eye’ illustrator Sky Nash, where you can give loved and not so loved brands a tongue-in-cheek makeover.

Through illustration and witty copywriting turn well-known brands and straplines upside down and help create a Zine made from the nights work – all in the name of silly.

Have a break, have a quickcrap: make some wonderful Carfumes.

Up for it? RSVP at hello@


20th February 2013 6 – 9pm

Boxpark | 2-4 Bethnal Green Rd | London E1 6GY

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