CDR Croatia :: Dimensions Festival 2014

cdr_knowledge_dimensions_1 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_2 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_3 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_4 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_5 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_6 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_7 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_8 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_9 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_10 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_11 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_12 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_13 cdr_knowledge_dimensions_14 For the majority of September, the CDR family have been in beautiful Pula, Croatia, where a dedicated team of staff and volunteers ran the Knowledge Arena at Dimensions Festival 2014. Rather than just sunning themselves, Tony Nwachukwu and his team focussed on the dispensing of knowledge, wisdom, artistry and fine tuneage, with a focus on music creation, performance and collaboration for festival-goers and artists alike. So here’s to the musical adventure, with a nicely documented summary of proceedings. We wish we were there, like they say on the back on a postcard. :: Namecheck / event creds: Ableton // Akai // CDR Knowledge // Dimensions Festiva // Donalds House // Funkineven // Knowledge Arena // M-Audio // Naise // Roman Flügel // Seven Davis Junior // The Wach]]>

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