Kyle Bean :: Mobile Evolution

Remember when mobile phones were as big as a cat? You probably don’t, but neither does UK artist Kyle Bean who wasn’t even born when the Motorola DynaTAC hit the market.

Given the cultural propensity for changing handsets along with our haircuts, Mobile Evolution could only ever be a summary of handset culture. 26 year old Bean has made an engaging toy out of what to many has in fact become a toy – and occasionally a means of communication.

Around 2006 mobiles shrunk to the size of a credit card. The dawn of the ‘Smart phone’ put paid to the quest for ever smaller handsets. They have been conveniently forgotten in this very limited edition series, with the smallest being the ever-so-iconic iPhone.

Bean has created a limited-edition of 100 numbered and signed prints (a photo of the dolls, on heavy matte stock). Before you convince yourself of the need for the new yPhone500, you can grab yourself a print at Kyle’s online shop.

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