Charis Tsevis :: Avatars for The New Flickr

Is it contradictory to not be a big fan of the new Flickr, while loving Charis Tsevis’ avatars for the new Flickr? Call me a hypocrite if you want; I can take it.

As part of the brief, these new avatars had to reflect ‘several key aspects of the Flickr products and community’. Namely that Flickr is a photo-centric platform, is colourful (with inclusion of brand colours) with a view to individual / personal use.

As with all works of startling simplicity, you can bet your bottom dollar that the process is far from simple. There’s a real sense of connectivity with what is essentially a varied colour pallet. Something achieved thanks to – as Charis puts it – many years of studies on Gestalt, Design and Color theory.

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