Chevrolet :: American Look

“In Appreciation of the stylist of America.”

If you thought branded content was a new phenomena, think again. Chevrolet presents American Look: a celebration of American design circa 1958, complete with an intro long enough for you to finish a bag of popcorn.

American Look represents a time when Ad-men really had their way. Indeed, the transformative power of brands / products / stuff are very much rooted in communications such as this. Parents would have marvelled, children perhaps endured, but with one TV monument in the living room, this thirty minute spot will have represented programming the whole household would have been glued to.

The slow build of nature and careful positioning of American Look represent the careful building blocks, or rather the prototype of the American Dream, particularly the automotive dream – much of which will have ended up on the scrap heaps of America’s Mid-West.

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