D&AD New Blood Nominee 2014 :: John & Harriet

3 Minutes of a 4 hour conversation. It’s us talking about the honest things that lurk at the back of our minds. This is our truth.“ — John Ogunmuyiwa & Harriet Ronn
And you know what? It felt like their truth. We liked their personal insights (I laughed at the one about potatoes), the loose yet considered edit and the fact that a symbiotic relationship needn’t involve becoming a singular being. Something as simple as John and Harriet’s differing approaches to jumping over a bike brought about discussion on the judging panel – it was a fine example of communicating without having to try too hard.
John & Harriet show that time spent talking isn’t time wasted. Their personal musing’s take them to interesting places / points of discussion. Interesting points of discussion leads to interesting work. So while it’s easy to like them as people, it is also easy to see why you would like them as a creative team.
Go have a gander at their website.
John & Harriet is an in-book nominee for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2014 // Make Your Mark — Tell Don’t Sell is a D&AD brief written in partnership with LBB // Judging Panel – Joel Gethin Lewis, Jack Renwick, Craig Oldham, Ansel Neckles

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