Daniel Buren & Ora Ito :: Set Finish, Infinite

MAMO-BUREN-CAROUSSELVERONESE12 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE51 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE04 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE38 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE44 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE35 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE19 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE16 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE06 MAMO-BUREN-©VERONESE05 Since June 30, 2014, the exhibition SET FINISH, INFINITE has been showing showing at MaMo in Marseille. The installation consists of a set of seven monumental, unpublished works, which transform the perception of this already impressive rooftop venue. Born 25 March 1938, Daniel Buren is a French conceptual artist, best known for using regular, contrasting colored stripes in an effort to integrate visual surface and architectural space, notably on historical, landmark architecture. Ito Morabito — or Ora-Ïto for short — is a designer whose client list includes designs for watchmaker Swatch, appliance manufacturer Gorenje, Nike, Heineken, Adidas, Heineken and tobacconist / fragrance chemist Davidoff. Set Finish, Infinite runs for a finite period, until 30/09/2014. :: MAMO // Art Center of Radiant City // 280 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille, France]]>

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