Dark Matter Coffee presents: Space Is The Place

dark_matter_coffee_presents_space_is_the_place dark_matter_coffee_presents_space_is_the_place_1 Esoteric, future-jazz by King Britt created to coincide with the launch of a coffee brand? Makes perfect sense to us to. Unveiled as part of Dark Matter Coffee’s new product range – Astro Black – a coffee blend “certified for intergalactic travel, for folks with avant-garde taste”. What may seem like a tenuous link at first, makes much more sense by way of a second glance. The key words here are ‘avante garde’ and ‘taste.’ Herman Poole Blount – or Sun Ra to you – would have turned 100 this year. In celebration of the man’s lasting legacy, King Britt has put together a re-interpretation of one of his classics, ‘Space Is The Place’. We like the music; one day we’ll hopefully get to taste the coffee.]]>

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