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Last week in ‘advertising land’, ad agency Iris were feeling very proud of their brand new ‘Employee Benefits’ internal communications brochure. So much so that they happily sent it off to Campaign to gain hoorahs and plaudits for their fabulous work. The 40 page booklet’s art direction was based on the ‘benefits culture’ and some sort of ode to TV series Shameless.

Little did the sheltered folk of Iris know that said work produced by Art Director Deon Sensky would be received, well,  not so well by the rest of the world. You know, the type of folk who’ve had their heads out of their arses long enough to know what common sense is.

Initially called out by Copywriter Holly Brockwell on her Copybot blog, the story has been causing a bit of a stir.

The business-as-usual response from the trade publication, Campaign speaks volumes regarding the attitudes of those who not only produced the work, but the industry that nonchalantly co-signed it.

Of course, we are all aware – hopefully – of a culture that has arisen over the past few decades of people whose sole ambition appears to be to receive benefits, rear dangerous dogs and take up as many vices legally and illegally available. However as most intelligent people would know there are also many reasons as to why such a culture has manifested itself in the UK, like poor education, systematic dysfunctional family life, ever increasing levels of poverty and the last-but-not-least, that very British institution of classism.

Now it is possible to see how in the eyes of those who produced this work, this would seem OK. After all,  it’s for only a ‘laugh’ right. My concern however, doesn’t stem from a ‘privileged’ or ‘unprivileged’ narrative; my disappointment is in the lack of humanity and levels of ignorance/scorn that can actually parade as humour.

Let’s face it, as a creative concept it isn’t, well, very creative. Deon Sensky is no Shane Meadows, but full points do go to the DOP.

A note to all those involved in the campaign: When considering your ‘status’ in the future, If you don’t come from a ‘wealthy’ family background, hit on hard times, and fail making a mortgage payment or two, you too could find yourself reliant on social security for a period of time. God forbid it takes you a bit longer than what you thought to get back on your feet. Let’s hope people ‘Benefits’ tag as you exit the job centre with signing-on book in hand.

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  1. I totally agree, I wrote this on face book.
    I would like to recommend that before you produce stereotypical abusive crap like this you take the time to carry out constructive research into the subject or people you are abusing, then when you have all the correct information you need, you could write a constructive apology to all the normal everyday people you have grossly offended with your uneducated crass statements and images, its good for you that we won’t all take to the streets and react in an adverse way to this utter drivel you have wasted our (Public) money on.
    Maybe if you lost your place of work, became ill or lost your jobs it would knock the smirk of your, ignorant, arrogant condescending faces, personally I would like take your brochure and shove it where the sun does not shine.
    I’ve just had a wonderful idea for new brochure which is strange really because I look like the illiterate, dishevelled scum you portray in your brochure.
    My brochure would only consist of one page, it would contain an image of the steps in front of the Bank of England, and I will call this brochure the Robin Brochure. On every step I would place a member of our hierarchal establishment like so.
    Each member starting at bottom would have his hand in the pocket of the esteemed gent above him
    Step 1: Bankers (you can shorten this to wankers)
    Step 2: Politicians (also known as Tossers)
    Step 3: Corporations and Big Business (called twats in some circles)
    Step 4: Judicial System ( I know that they get paid well and only do what the government tell them. Oh and they are dammed good at fleecing everybody and jailing the likes of me and other criminals, except thieving bankers and politicians…. all in the name justice of course)
    Step 5: Private Health Care (don’t know much about these gits can’t afford their brochures, I tried to join once but they said I couldn’t because I was unwell……they meant poor, same thing really.)
    Step 6: DWP and ATOS (one word, IDIOTS if you need a job don’t apply here unless you’re as thick as pig shit and like making stupid mistakes, if you have to communicate verbally speak in a broken Asian dialect using words with one syllable, and for christsake don’t tell them your unwell…)
    At the bottom step of this proverbial pile of shit you could put pictures of chavs, old people, the mentally ill, your mum, dad, sister, brother, granny, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, the homeless normal people with normal jobs, all holding their hands with looks of disdain on their harrowed worried faces, as they pass what they have remaining of their hard earned money to the first in line of a grotesque system that hasn’t got a clue as to how 99% us live, work and die, how many bankers, politicians, corporate CEO`s will go cold or hungry this winter or not be able to make ends meet? NONE of them, but they will continue to squeeze us until they have it all and their pockets are fully lined and when we are beaten they will start on our children, sooner or later things have to change. We have to make them listen?Not being a professional bullshitter you probably wont agree with my idea, but then I’m a just low life living of the state in my council house, people like you don’t give a shit for anyone but yourselves and where your next dollar/pound will come from.
    Oh forgot… called it robin brochure because they are all robin bastards . Cya

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