Earnest Endeavours + T-shirt Party :: Live Like Lions

In these dog eat dog times.
These Carnivores dab the blood from the edges of their snarls.
Scarlet splashes on lily white towels.
Intense glares from under knotted brows.
Fixating on the demographic.
A target for the dumb ideals they traffic. We, prey.
On the pre-programmed wave.
Mind slows to the frequency
Of Pedestrian.
Until awakening.
And the real eyes
Real lies
And that likkle pussy
In the facebook pic
Looks in the mirror
And sees the lion staring
Back at him.
The fearless version of his own essence.
On the back of his eyelids
Cells congealing.
in line with the feeling
Of being the master of our time.
Ruling our times.
The vibes of Future generations will be sired
By our creative roars to inspire.
The wild concrete jungles will shake with veneration
Because in this generation
Kai Gama – The Insomniax
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