FAT :: House of the Arts

Like the rest of the EU (excluding Germany), Portugal has had to contend with records highs of unemployment during their two and a half year recession. This, coupled with a €78billion bail out courtesy of The European Union and International Monetary Fund, and you have an incumbent Government locked into austerity measures for more than just the foreseeable future.

Maybe partly inspired by the Portugal’s current economic status, architectural firm Future Architecture Thinking (FAT) have designed The Casa das Artes (House of the Arts) in Miranda do Corvo. The bright red, angular building is a new public arts space hosting a 300 seat auditorium, cafeteria and forthcoming museum, with graphic sloped roofs created to reflect the building’s surroundings of the Lousã Mountains. Casa das Artes also boasts an amphitheatre and garden area for the local community.

FAT have taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to creating this new local landmark: “More than a building, the Casa das Artes pretends to be an iconic landmark, celebrating the place where people meet, where culture and art happens, a space capable of promoting and stimulating creative activity, increasing the populations quality of life.

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