For Love and Money :: Below the Surface Sessions

It doesn’t take much in the 21st Century to become a ‘celebrated’ individual. The exploits of the rich, talentless, Kim-Kardashian-Paris-Hilton-types keep the Daily Mail’s gossip columnists happily paid. And if you don’t have rich parents, sort yourself out with a reality TV series of some kind.

The culmination of a party-and-bullshit culture can leave you feeling like you’re living in the most superficial time ever, but luckily there are always those who engage their noddle.

Screen printing and fashion label For Love and Money dig a little deeper with the first in their series; Below the Surface Sessions featuring DJ Snips from Livin’ Proof.

A nice little short that re-enforces the brands ethos neatly, Below the Surface asks pertinent questions about what motivates us to pursue love and money, and the differences between the two.

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