Foyer :: The Talent Shop

We recently made our ‘twenty%extra / LBB Talent’ television debut for a new programme called Helping Hand by RDF.

Commissioned by the Foyer Federation, we produced a custom stencil typeface and brand identity / collateral for The Talent Shop: an alternative job opportunities broker and pop up shop targeted at young people.

Working with the organization, young residents we co-created a design that would appeal to young folks yet have a professional feel. Hosted by Bank Of Dave star David Fishwick, the programme should hit your screens early next year on Channel 4.


You can view the episode on 4oD here.

3 responses to “Foyer :: The Talent Shop”

  1. I have just watched your programme on tv. I work with a large scottish charity, Quarriers, who has several projects working with young homeless, youth for justice etc and i would love to find out more about your programme. I deal with all recruitment, hence my interest. I would be obliged if you could ontact me.

    Many thanks, Cath Brannan

  2. just seen your program on the pop up talent shop and i think it was a great idea and there should be more of this, as it shows where the talant can be, hope it goes well.

    i am part of a martial art club and we help build confidence with people that are less confident within themseves and they can learn about them.
    from anita
    well done great idea

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