Doing You w/ FutureDeluxe

FutureDeluxe are 5. And given that staying-in-business years are akin dog years — i.e. worth 5-times as much— then 5-years of combining design, technology & moving image to produce innovative creative content are a tribute to flexible working, a malleable business and personal / professional sacrifice of epic proportions.

On Tue 9 Dec, as part of our esteemed panel for Doing You: A Roadmap to Success, we’ll be speaking with FutureDeluxe founder Andrew Jones about a 5-year exploration into developing client / working relationships built upon FutureDeluxe’s shared value system.


LBB Pop-Up School Talk: Doing You // 7 – 9 PM // 9 Dec 2014 // The Russet, Hackney Down Studios, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT // £10 // BUY TICKETS HERE

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