Gaynor Trophies

Gaynor Trophies Cushions

Gaynor Trophies - Blue

Gaynor Trophies - orange

Gaynor Trophies 2 cushions

Gaynor Trophies Cushion Pile

Gaynor-Trophies Promo

Fine art graduate and Manchester lass Victoria Gaynor is a new designer / maker, care of her recently launched interiors label Gaynor Trophies.

The collection features striking West African fabrics used to produce a range of handmade graphic homewares and accessories—originally inspired by the bold and intense hues of fabrics found whilst on a shopping trip in Borough. Together with a history in textiles, these chance encounters proved a catalyst for the business.

A lover of heritage, the name Gaynor Trophies is taken from the former business of Victoria’s Grandfather—a business which also acted as a source of courage when starting this venture. Now based in Hackney, Victoria sells her work on Esty and various creative / craft markets.


Gaynor Trophies will be at State of Independence Market on May 31

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