Greg White :: Eco Marathon

Eco driving has never been an easy sell; largely because aside from homogenous car company marketing, it has been left to the likes of Jeremy Clarkson to provide the sales pitch. And few would hire Clarkson to provide a convincing eco sales pitch.

The transition from aspirational to sustainable / eco-friendly product has been a slow one. In 10 Billion, Stephen Emmott’s scathing analysis of the overly developed human desire to consume at all costs, included the assertion than an eco-friendly Prius is far from the answer. The thing is this: thus far, man and woman, if in the financial position to do so, has generally decided that he or she wants to get from A to B as quickly-comfortably-stylishly as possible. Woe betide the planet and the hippy in the cycle lane.

Demands though, are changing. Change defined by pressing financial imperatives (see exorbitant petrol prices) and a demand for greener technologies (let’s just exclude large energy companies) are being hastened by innovation in Formula 1 motor sport  (or circus depending on your perspective) and more functional car manufacturers like BMW.

Solar panelled vehicles may not have much commercial relevance in the forseeable future, but never say never. As photograper Greg White and his Eco Marathon series proves, innovation comes in all shapes and sizes.

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