Greg White :: Le Corbusier “Maison d’Homme”

130929-Baku-25813_RGB 130929-Baku-25984_RGB 130929-Baku-26045_RGB 130929-Baku-25938_RGB 130929-Baku-26035_RGB 130929-Baku-25772_RGB 130929-Baku-25829_RGB 130929-Baku-25962_RGB 130929-Baku-25798_RGB 130929-Baku-26150_RGB 130929-Baku-25784_RGB 130929-Baku-26058_RGB Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier. Architect; urban planner; painter; writer; designer and theorist: most of his great ambitions (urban and housing projects) were never fulfilled, yet the power of Le Corbusier’s design thinking endures. Dubbed the “Maison de l’homme” (House of Man), the building on the shores of Lake Zurich feature modular, movable exhibition pavilions, marking the culmination of a reflection architecture that began in the 1930s. Its shape is the direct descendent of a prototype Le Corbusier proposed for Paris in 1950. Before finally being built in 1964-65, variants of this pavilion type, intended for temporary exhibitions, appeared in several of his projects. Meticulously maintained and captured in meticulous colour by photographer Greg White, the “Maison de l’Homme” series dynamically represents the home of the future that many would love to live in today.]]>

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