Harmonimix & Trim :: Confidence Boost

Interesting; that was my intial thought on listening to ‘Confidence Boost’ by Harmonimix (aka James Blake) and Trim for the first time.

A subtle song that requires suitable listening devices, i.e do not listen through a tinny laptop / phone speakers to pick up JB’s sub sonics.

In celebration of both the frivolous and the more meaningful challenges of life: from ‘looking good in your clothes’ to ‘[having] a dad or mum and not both’, Trim tells us to ‘strike a pose’.

With the mix of Trim’s bravado, positive self-esteem inducing lyrics and punctuated delivery on James Blake soundscape-esque production, the track is reminiscent of an installation sound piece you would find in an experimental gallery. Makes sense as this is a little piece of art.


Confidence Boost will be released on 24th September on R&S Records

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