I Have Pop™ :: Nike 90×90 Panna Art

nike-panna-01 nike-panna-02 nike-panna-03 First one who plays a ball in between the legs of the opponent wins. This piece was created in the true spirit of street soccer, incorporating many of the unwritten rules associated with it. The game is either played in the usual one-on-one or two against two format, but the focus isn’t only on scoring the most goals, but also on showing who’s bawse. Initially made for a Nike exhibition at 90sqm in Amsterdam to celebrate the Air Max 90, the table-footy masterpiece (created by Amsterdam creative studio I Have Pop™) was displayed at Artgadgets in Eindhoven before being demolished in an accident on the way to a shop location in Copenhagen, Denmark. Talk of a Kickstarter campaign has been on the cards since early this year, so watch this space. Table football nuts: get ready to get your nerd on. #Ole]]>

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