Karsten Wegener :: Sausage in Art

Berlin photographer Karsten Wegener can clearly see the beauty in everything. Wegener found art in meat after recognising Edvard Munch’s The Scream in a piece of ham whilst shopping – as you do. This inspired the experimental recreation of iconic art pieces out of pieces of meat. Think Damien Hirst’s Mother and Child and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

On August 5 2013, Karsten’s work took on a deeper, ironic twist after being piped to the post for the most creative uses of meat, after the mediated unveiling of the first test tube created burger.

Funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the £215,000 burger, which looked like a specimen even McDonalds’ quality assurance team would pass on, was marketed as the first step to solving the perennial problems of world hunger. While no animals will be harmed in the making of your future meal, the harm to future generations is yet to be determined.

With developers of laboratory grown meat figuring out how best to wing its way to the local supermarket, the Meatless Monday movement sure looks like an attractive option all of a sudden.

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