Kelsey Dake :: Drawing for $$$

kelsey-dake-8 kelsey-dake-3 kelsey-dake-4 kelsey-dake-5 kelsey-dake-6 kelsey-dake-1 kelsey-dake-9 How do you share an opinion or give insight without saying word? Well as the old adage goes ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ and Illustrator Kelsey Dake’s pictures have been illuminating current affairs with a tongue-in-cheek style since graduating in 2010. The US based illustrator’s portfolio spans established publications such as New York Times, Bloomsberg Businessweek, Ad Age, and The Atlantic, usually providing a humorous and at times macabre visual commentary. Speaking with Complex magazine last year Dake commented on her illustration of former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: “This drawing of Ben Bernanke, is easily one of my most favourite portraits of all time. I dig it when art directors are down to do things that step outside of the norm. This one was for New York Times Magazine, and they sent me the article and I read through it, and got to come up with all sort of goofy ideas, another sketch was Bernanke talking into a banana phone. So I think this one really ended up being a favourite because I got to do a weird and funny idea. How many times do you get to draw the chairman of the Federal Reserve as a space cadet?” An while Dake’s twitter bio wryly states ‘Drawing for $$$’, some would say she’s more than on the money in her perceptions.]]>

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