Kid Congo Powers' Cramps Scrapbook

Once upon a time, in an age of no internet and paper ‘n’ pens, there was a pastime called ‘scrapbooking’ – a place to store memories, thoughts and prose. The modern day scrapbook (Pinterest / Tumblr / Facebook) may have taken the place of trusted notebook, yet a thriving scrapbook craft culture still exists out there – just visit one of those giant crafty retail outlets. Every self-respecting doodler has a special notebook, but it just ain’t the same as when folks saved gig tickets, newspaper cuttings, fav photos and random paraphernalia. What has remained is the need to capture memories and tell our personal stories. With a snap of an instagram or a digital pin on a digital pin board we’re now scrapbooking anything and everything that catches our eye. :: Spotted by the legend that is Susan Supercharged via New York Night Train]]>

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