Kueng Caputo :: Never Too Much








Swiss-born creative duo Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo are Kueng Caputo. While ‘Never Too Much’ may be mistaken for installation art on first appearance, it is in fact a rather functional furniture collection.

A stylistic cross between gigantic graf aerosol lids and the work of Jackson Pollock, the leather-covered seats and enamel stools have all been painstakingly produced using artisan techniques. As the pair recently discussed with Wallpaper magazine: “We have chosen a working process that needs a lot of really small steps to be completed. It’s a way of slowing down our lives in order to be really focused on only one thing at a time – working in real time, there’s no using the ‘Undo’ function… to work with these old crafts – with knowledge that has almost been lost even though it’s been passed down over generations. This fascinated us.”

In the midst technological abundance and distraction, mono-tasking methodology is a growing trend amongst practitioners; creating a new distinction and value of the ‘art and craft’ of creative process and execution.

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