LBB :: Contributor call-out

If you’re here you hopefully know what we do.

We’re looking for writers and contributors with an eye for design, a penchant for politics and who are handy with a semicolon.

If you’re one of those clever foxes, please get in touch.

4 responses to “LBB :: Contributor call-out”

  1. I’m Kaytee and I’m a third year student at London College of Communication studying BA (HONS) Graphic Media Design. I’ve recently had articles published in Glass magazine but would love to ditch fashion and get my hands dirty. I’m originally from Texas (don’t worry, I voted for Obama) and I’m generally just a bad ass bitch.

  2. Hey,
    My name is Susan and I’d say I’m pretty handy with a semicolon or at least I’m very particular about where they are placed. Incorrect punctuation disturbs me greatly. “Loose” instead of “Lose” or “There” when it should be “Their” is liable to send me screaming naked down the street in frustration (except in winter where I just have to content myself with screaming due to the cold). I want to use this frustration as a force for good so maybe I can channel my poor spelling phobias and bad punctuation tyranny to Let’s Be Brief’s advantage.

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