LBB Dalston Roof Park Takeover

lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_7 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_1 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_2 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_6 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_3 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_5 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_22 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_9 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_10 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_12 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_11 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_13 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_14 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_15 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_17 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_21 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_19 lbb_pop_up_school_dalston_roof_park_takeover_20 There was no popcorn, but there were roti’s by Dave Jerkie, sweeties by Cake Liberation, beer and serious tuneage by The Insomniax and Rapzcallion. A massive thank you to all who submitted their precious works for the Dalston Roof Park Films4Free LBB takeover. The esteemed list is as follows: Dudley Perkins – Flowers – Directed by Friday // Blood Red Shoes – Directed by Craig Murray // Henry Wu – Natural Complexion – Directed by Samuel Hicks, edited by Juliette S Dalton of 2diceproductionz // Get By – Directed by Ian Robertson // Dip N’ Dance – Hugo Cierzniak // I Am The PSM – Rohan Blair-Mangat // Weep – Joseph Radonich // The Insomniax – Love She Wants – Directed by Johny Morgue. Produced by twenty%extra™ & LBB // En Vogue – Directed by Jenn Nkiru // Musicbx – Moodygood – Directed by Compulsory // Conversation Piece – Directed by Joe Tunmer // The Paiste – Directed by Saul & Josh // 3 Marlborough Court: Deal Real – Directed by Lucy Harrison // Lyrical Spread – Directed by Ian Robertson // Ramon Nyitrai – Directed by Ramon Nyitrai And a massive thank you to you – yes you – for making the night a road block affair. Big ups and on the the next one… *Ace photography by Robert W Mason :: What’s next? In Conversation W/ Harris Elliott & Dean Chalkley At Fashion Sunday // Sunday 03 August 2014 // 1:30-3:30 // £10 // Oval Space, The Pickle Factory, 13-14 The Oval, London, E2 9DU]]>

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