LBB on NTS :: Andrew Ashong

Since releasing his first EP: Flowers, via Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, artist Andrew Ashong has been wooing audiences from Brixton to Croatia with his potent yet understated music. Mixing soul, electronic and folk and being both artist and DJ, Andrew had successfully produced a sound that’s is uniquely his.

Listen in to LBB on NTS today to find out more about the man and his music, as well as a little taste of what’s in his selection box.


LBB on NTS // 12-1pm // Saturday 29 Nov

One response to “LBB on NTS :: Andrew Ashong”

  1. Hi there Ansel, this is Jan – who you met at the Vortex after making this very interview!

    Really great insight into Andrew and his path into music; I enjoyed very much.

    All the best


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