LBB on NTS :: Building Bloqs

From 3D printing to traditional craft based production, the maker movement has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years.

Building Bloqs is a new membership workspace in Edmonton, north London. In the middle of an industrial estate, the former factory space houses 26 work stations and a community of designer-makers.

This week we’ll be speaking with Building Bloqs co-founder Arnaud Nichols, discussing making, doing and business building.


LBB on NTS w/ Building Bloqs // NTS Radio // 12-1pm

1. Radioactive Man — Hideout
2. Herbie Hancock — Palm Grease
3. Romare — Work Song
4. Mo Kolours — How I
5. Butcher Brown — RVA Theme
6. Antenna Happy — Pinto (Jauge Mix)

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