LBB Pop-Up School: Rudeboy Salon w/ Dean Chalkley & Harris Elliott






This summer, we were proud to partner with the Rudeboy Salon. LBB hosted a series of talks in celebration of the launch of Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott’s beautiful 128-page ‘Return of the Rudeboy’ hardcover book, containing unseen images and essays on Rudeboy heritage and culture.

We’re delighted to offer another chance to hear from these two ambassadors of culture, with a chance to see a short film produced as part of the project at Electric House. Dean and Harris will also be signing copies of the book which will be available for purchase on the night.


Tue 15 Sept // 7.30pm–8.30pm // Electric House, 191 Portobello Rd, London W11 2ED

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  1. Hey there. You probably don’t know, but since there’s always a chance — do you know the maker of the stingy brim hat the gentleman pictured above is wearing — (with the beard and circular glasses). Been looking at it a while and can’t quite find a match. Thanks.

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