LBB Shoreditch House Residency

lbb_pop_up_school_at_shoreditch_house For its third run for the year, LBB Pop-Up School is pleased to announce its new six-week residency for Creative Industry at Shoreditch House. It kicks off on 17 September and runs every Wednesday until 22 October. With a new line-up of workshops and talks, these lunchtime sessions (1-2pm) will give your brain a nutritious creative business boost. The autumn term includes sessions from: Well Made studio, Nicholas Lovell, Indiegogo, Fred Deakin & Nat Hunter (Airside), and The Art of New Business. TIMETABLE LBB Pop-Up School: Brand Building w/ LBB // Wed 17 Sept // 1-2pm // £35 The old adage is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for brand building. Creating and sustaining both brand perception and customer behaviour is a strategic and creative exercise. The Brand Building workshop is a master class that helps brands, businesses and creative professionals define their brand proposition and tone of voice. Delivered by cultural journal and creative agency Let’s Be Brief, participants will be taken through a range of in-class exercises and case studies that will provide an essential toolkit for galvanizing and communicating your brand message. BOOK TICKETS LBB Pop-Up School: Crowdfunding w/ Indiegogo // Wed 24 Sept // 1-2pm // £35 You have an idea and the passion to make it happen. You may not, however, have the necessary finance. Well, not yet. More and more self-starters are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative means of raising capital and awareness for their projects and business ideas. Learn the do’s and dont’s of creating your own crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo’s Anastasia Emmanuel. In this masterclass you’ll gain an insight into how best to create a crowdfunding marketing strategy that will help you reach your goal. BOOK TICKETS LBB Pop-Up School: How Not to Run an Agency w/ Well Made Studio // Wed 1 Oct // 1-2pm // £35 There’s more to running a studio than getting in on time and beavering away. But what if we go too far the other way and start spouting synergy and profitability? The business of creativity is a maze and no two trips are the same. Gemma Germains of Well Made Studio can’t tell you how to get it right, but she can show you plenty of examples of how prioritising high values over high growth can get you started on your own creative path. BOOK TICKETS LBB Pop-Up School: LBB in conversation with Fred Deakin & Nat Hunter // Wed 8 Oct // 1-2pm // £15 Fred Deakin and Nat Hunter ran one of the most loved design studio’s Airside throughout the noughties; working with an array of clients such as BBC, V&A, and Bestival. In 2012 they closed their agency doors to much disbelief from the industry. Since closing Airside, both have gone on to new challenges and continue to influence. Join LBB in conversation with Fred & Nat to find out what they’ve been up to and what’s next. BOOK TICKETS LBB Pop-Up School: The Curve – Nicholas Lovell // Wed 15 Oct // 1-2pm // £35 Writer, consultant and gamer Nicholas Lovell is an expert advisor to creative businesses in the digital age. Author of The Curve, Nicholas provides an alternative look at the new 21st century digital business model of FREE. Nicholas’s insight and advice is helping thousands of creators to be successful in a world where prices tend toward zero, by giving away their content for free while allowing super-fans to spend lots of money on things they truly value. BOOK TICKETS LBB Pop-Up School: The Art of New Business // Wed 22 Oct // 1-2pm // £35 The Art of New Business represents ‘challenger thinking’ in the field of agency new business. Consultants to large and small advertising and design agencies throughout the UK, The Art of New Business believe that the winning of new business is an art, not a numbers game. Join Karla Morales-Lee’s workshop in creating a new business strategy that will get you noticed. BOOK TICKETS]]>

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