Lovely Jojo’s :: Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman



Deification, objectification, vilification; heels or kicks; to shave or not to shave; to choose work over motherhood, motherhood over work; having to even chose at all; being lucky enough to be one of a small percentage of women on this planet even fortunate enough to be able to discuss, confront and redefine this myriad of identity politics: sometimes it really is hard to be a woman. To commemorate this undeniable fact, Lovely Jojo’s, presents her first piece of work to feature ‘exploding tampons and flying breast milk’. Jojo’s words, not ours.

For those with a knowledge of fine Country music and the politics at hand, a certain Tammy Wynette classic should spring to mind. Failing that, lovers of fine art can still get a fiver off with the code FIVEOFF at the Lovely Jojo’s website.


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