Marylou Faure :: The Ultimate Summer

marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_1 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_2 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_5 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_3 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_7 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_4 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_9 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_10 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_6 marylou_faure_the_ultimate_summer_8 Pinch, punch the 1st of the month and all that. But before we all get back to ‘Back to School’ mode, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the summer that was. What kind of summer was it for you? Was it all flips flops, ice-cream and lazy days in the park? And what would constitute as the perfect summer hols? Illustrator Marylou Faure posed this question to friends and strangers alike, challenging participants to contribute one thing (taste, smell, feeling, sound, and ambiance) that encapsulates the summer season. Working to a limited colour palette, Marylou plans to produce a large composition of the ‘Ultimate Summer’ to remind us of our sunny moments.]]>

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