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Modes of Thought in black and white

Modes of Thought: Let the thought be your guide.

Making the complicated simple is the stuff of instruction manuals. Not Ikea manuals — good instruction manuals.

Work, love and parenting are but three complex dichotomies. But what if, amidst all the malaise, a simple note-to-self could hang on the wall, sit on a desk, or even speak to you on a tea break? Mental fatigue is real, and from time to time, we all need some rejuvenation.

So in order to remind ourselves of the fundamentals, we created the Modes of Thought (M.O.T.) and the M.O.T. monochrome series — setting out our take on singular truths, black and white stylee, in 16 x 20-inch scale.

Modes of Thought: Let the thought be your guide.


1) Modes of Thought 001 // Keep Your Eye on the Prize – Mono

2) Modes of Thought 002 // Momentum – Mono

3) Modes of Thought 003 // Take it to the Edge – Mono

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