MoMA Kickstarter Collection

moma_A2_Frank_Wall_Hook_Orange moma_Construction_Toy_Jix moma_Toy_Race_Car_Orange moma_Toy_Mailmen_Messaging_Rochester moma_Toy_Mailmen_Messaging_Rochester2 moma_A2_Chineasy_Book1 moma_C2_Chineasy_Book moma_A2_Toy_Police_Car moma-Wooden_Watches_Style_1 Since launching in 2009, Kickstarter has innovated the conception and implementation of financing creative projects and businesses. The Kickstarter model of tapping into niche communities has since extended to established companies – lending their curatorial heavyweight to handpicking desired projects on the platform. One of the recent organisations to the fold is MoMA. The prestigious institution has selected twenty-four Kickstarter projects to be retailed through the MoMA store. A clear win / win for all involved, the designer’s get the establishment head nod, extra PR and a readymade outlet while MoMA get to lay claim to potentially iconic designs of the future. The range of items in the most part display innovative design such as The Present – the 365 day clock that measures time in years rather than minutes. Then there’s Chineasy: a book that translates Chinese characters into graphic symbols for English speakers to the JIX a new construction toy “When I first created JIX as an installation artist, I thought of it as an ever expanding sculpture project. I was hoping that it would inspire others to create stuff too. The fact that JIX is in a museum design store helps convey this idea. In that respect, it is an ideal interface” explains Patrick Martinez to Kickstarter. The campaign MoMA / Kickstarter, launched during NYCxDesign month will run for two months.]]>

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